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Voice Activations


Playing music, doing sound healings, singing light language, are some of Yana's favorite activations.  She has noticed a tremendous healing effect through music on herself, her clients,  and environments.  For Yana singing is a meditation, a sacred space for channeling source vibrations.


She is blessed to play music with her beloved husband Issac Ananda.  You can find them on IG @SoundLutionsMusic 

Yana has been shown that often people desire to sing or speak on something and yet feel blocked to express.  Her clients have spoke of feeling a inner tightness when wanting to express themselves in certain ways.  Thus Yana has been guided to assist people in the  opening of their throat charkra.  Yana believes singing is like dancing, we all can do it, its just about find our own voice.

These lessons can be scheduled on zoom or in person and are an hour in duration.  Please contact Yana at to schedule your voice activation / singing lesson.

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