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Yoga & Meditaton

Couples Yoga & Meditation


This offering is an opportunity for couples to step out of their day to day routine and join together for bounding, sacred connection, and fun. 

In the privacy of your own home you are lead on a couples journey through the energy centers of the body, the chakras.  This is a live course where you meet with Yana once a week for seven weeks, online or in person, each week exploring and activating one of the chakras.

*Email your availability to to Yana and she will assist you in getting scheduled for this special couples journey.

Prenatal Yoga & Meditation


Yana believes that during pregnancy it is particularly important to take time for ones self to connect with the body.  During these classes we unwind

and to work in the opening of tissue and bones to support the pregnancy.  We use conscious breath-work to activate these changes.  Ancient mantras and movements are used that are specific for pregnancy.  We do specific meditations to connect with baby and prepare for birth.  Class ends with a sound healing relaxation.

*Contact Yana through email to schedule

One on One
Private Yoga & Mediation


These one one on one private zoom sessions with Yana are an awesome way to keep a regular yoga practice and stay consistent in the comfort of your own home. You decided how often you meet and the time that best suites your schedule.

These classes are a unique form of yoga that is a combination of styles.  It is physical, metal, and spiritual workout.  This is an opportunity to clear your mind and activate your body.  We move through unique postures while practicing  specific breathing techniques.  Sounds and mantras are used to activated awareness.  The class ends in a sound healing followed by a a guided meditation.

Contact Yana through email to schedule

In Person Group Clasess


 Ground, center, sweat, move, meditate, and connect with your breath.  An opportunity to release stress.  Each class ends with a sound healing and guided meditation.

Email Yana for her in person class schedule.

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