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Yana Aryze


Yana is a student and teacher in the realms of healing, awakening and sacred space.  These offerings are her deep passion and joy.

Yana is a certified Yoga and Meditations teacher.  She completed her training at the 'Kundalini Research Institute' in 2015.  She is trained in 'Primordial Breathwork.'  She is also trained in trauma informed yoga through 'Street Yoga'.  She specializes in prenatal yoga.

Yana is a certified Holistic Doula through the 'Matrona Institute', studying with Whappio.  She has complete the 'Conscious Pregnancy Training' through the 'Kundalini Research Institute'.  Yana is a Natural Therapeutics Specialist who works with herbs, homeopathic medicines, Reiki, and energy clearing.  She graduated from 'New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics' in 2008. 

 Yana is one of the leaders of 'Shamanism Without Boarders,' serving communities, land, and animals in times of crisis and trauma.  

Yana is an artist, painting primarily in oils.  Art has always been a deep love of hers.  She feels art is a tool for expressing divinity in all forms.  Her paintings express the processes of sacred transformation and interconnection.  Stay connected for her art reveal coming soon.

Yana is a Musician and Sound Healer.  Her and her husband, Issac Ananda,  work together hosting sacred events.  They focus on movement, guided meditations, and music.  The two of them lead workshops together on building your intuition & psychic abilities.  They also teach  couples bonding courses, and sound healing therapies. 

They can be hired for events and retreats.


Please sign up on the mailing list to be the first to know about events and other opportunities. 

Yana is honored to serve you.  Please reach out and let her know how she can help.


“Many Blessings Dear One.  Look forward to connecting!”

Yana Aryze

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