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There is a tender, enchanted, place of power that lies within each one of us.  Here lies the key to a fulfilling life.  This place within is where we are interwoven and connected to all of life, every plant, star, animal, human, insect, planet, each particle of dust, drop of water, and the great wind that blows through it all.  As we learn to honor this inner palace we begin to know ourselves in a deeply authentic way.  We begin to feel compassion for ourselves and others and for our great mother, earth. 

Thank you for being here now, it is an honor to have you.  If you feel called please join our mailing list so we can stay connected and you will be the first to know of our magical gatherings, workshops, and sacred retreats as they are announced.


"There is a transformational frequency happening right now!  As we let go of old beliefs heavy energy is released.  Then our being can rise, our vibrations can increase, and our hearts can align in Love."


                             ~Yana Aryze

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